UCAT Verbal Reasoning

What is UCAT Verbal Reasoning? The UCAT Verbal Reasoning section is the first of the subtests in the UCAT. In this section, you must critically analyse written passages and answer multiple-choice questions solely using information provided in the text. The passages may include topics such as science, history, politics or literature. This means that none

UCAT Score Needed for Medicine 2023

The UCAT is an admissions test used by the majority of medical schools in the UK, each with their own required UCAT score for medicine admissions. It’s essential to consider how each university uses the UCAT when selecting candidates for interview. This guide will aide your decision as to which 4 universities will be most

No Offers for Medical School – What Now?

What To Do If You Didn’t Receive Medical School Offers Facing four rejections from your medical school applications can be extremely disheartening – especially after the hard work and effort put into the application process and studying for exams. However, there are many options, and not receiving any offers for medicine doesn’t mean you can’t

UCAT Abstract Reasoning

What is UCAT Abstract Reasoning? Abstract Reasoning is the fourth section of the UCAT. Although students find this section to be particularly difficult at first, the questions tend to get easier with practice. The majority of Abstract Reasoning questions are in sets of 5, while some are standalone questions. Each question is independent of other

UCAT Strategies by the Top 1% Webinar

Join us for this FREE webinar to learn key strategies for various sections of the UCAT, as compiled by top 1% scorers. The UCAT is a very strategy-based exam, and can be prepared for with the right techniques. It’s essential that you learn the strategies needed for each section in order to succeed, and that’s

UCAT Scores

How is the UCAT Scored? UCAT scores are one of the foundational elements for many medical and dental school applications. The UCAT is scored out of 3600, putting together a combination of the total marks for each sub-section: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning (all scored out of 900 individually). The SJT

UCAT Decision Making

Decision Making is the second section of the UCAT. This subtest aims to assess your ability to analyse and deduce information from complex sources of data, interpret and decipher details, and extrapolate inferred information to derive conclusions. The data within the questions is given in the form of passages, graphs, charts, visual diagrams, and text.

UCAT Quantitative Reasoning

What is UCAT Quantitative Reasoning? Quantitative Reasoning is the third section of the UCAT. This section is designed to test your numerical and problem-solving skills at GCSE standard. Although many students struggle with maths, this is generally one of the easier sections to score well in. In this article, we’ll go over worked examples of

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