Live Courses


All live courses are fully refundable or transferrable to a different date before 14 days of the booked course start date. Within 14 days of the start date, we are unable to offer a refund or guarantee the transfer of the booking to a different date, except at the discretion of MedicHut.

Booking Transfers

At any point, a live course booking may be transferred to another individual. You must contact MedicHut directly to have the booking transfer approved.

The cost of any e-resources included in the live course, if already provided to the student, will be subtracted from the refund total. If a booking transfer is made to another individual, and e-resources were previously sent to the individual who originally booked, the total cost of the e-resource must be paid in order to transfer the booking.


All e-resources and ebooks cannot be refunded.


Paperbacks are currently only available via Amazon, and thus refunds must be requested through Amazon within their own returns policy.


The first tuition hour is fully refundable within 14 days if an individual is unsatisfied with the tuition and chooses not to carry on with tuition. All other hours are not refundable, except

  • a) if only one hour has been used, and a refund was requested within 14 days, then the entire package can be refunded, and
  • b) special circumstances which must be investigated and approved by MedicHut. If approved, the tuition rate will be altered to reflect the number of hours used. For example, if a refund for 40 hours is approved, in which 5 hours were used, the refund will be processed based on using 5 hours at the rate of 5 hours, rather than the lower rate of 40 hours.

If a student does not attend a scheduled tuition lesson without prior notice, the lesson will be subtracted from the total tuition credit and will be non-refundable. The notice period is defined by each individual tutor.

Personal Statement Review/BMAT Essay Marking

These services are fully refundable upon request prior to the initiation of either service. Once the review of a personal statement or BMAT essay has begun, the service is non-refundable. If an individual is unsatisfied with the quality of the service, please contact MedicHut to request a review of the service provided.


A package refund should be requested via email. Any refund will update the cost of all services used by the student to their original purchase amounts at the time of refund request. For example, a refund of a £500 package, in which services with original total values adding up to £300 at the time of request, will be liable for a £200 refund. There are no discounts applied to the services used when requesting a package refund.

If, prior to the purchase of a package, an individual purchases any resource which will be included in a package, including ebooks, the cost of the resource already purchased cannot be discounted or refunded from the cost of the package.

Work Experience

Please find the cancellation and amendment policy in our terms and conditions, under Work Experience.

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