8-Station Simulated MMI Circuit

Spanning 90 minutes, you’ll have a realistic 8-station MMI interview circuit. Each mini interview station will be conducted by a medical student, dental student, or doctor. After each MMI station, you’re provided with detailed and specific feedback on topics such as:

  • Structure and content of your response
  • Your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Your professionalism and manner
  • Your suitability as a medic based on your response
  • Your ability to think logically and clearly under pressure
  • Your ability to recognise your own limitations
  • Your knowledge of relevant medical topics

Your MMI interviewers will verbally provide you with practical advice on how to improve in the areas where you lack, and will advise you on the strengths you have that you should maintain. You will also be provided with a written summary of your MMI interview question feedback from each individual interviewer to take away.

Circuits will vary but generally will consist of a variety of stations, each with unique MMI interview questions, testing topics that apply to a range of medical schools in the UK. For university-specific mock interviews, we offer one-on-one sessions that can be booked here.

MMI Circuit Preview

Average acceptance rate post-interview
MedicHut candidates’ average acceptance rate post-interview

Why Choose MedicHut?

Each year, we help thousands of applicants just like you. This year, we’d love for you to join our 2-day interview course which uniquely prepares you for the interview process ahead.

The course covers essential NHS knowledge, medical ethics, current topics, and response structures, supplemented by interactive ethical debates among participants and realistic circuit simulations.

Our dedication to the success of our students means that we’ll offer you expert guidance, interactive learning, and tailored content to help you excel in interviews. We’ll offer personalized feedback and a supportive environment to foster confidence, giving you the skills needed to succeed in your interview journey.


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MMI Interview Station Types

MMI stations are variable but may include some of the following topics:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Dentistry interview questions in the MMI circuits?

Yes! Once you’ve booked, we’ll contact you to find out whether you’re applying for medicine or dentistry, and make sure that the MMI circuit you get is customised to the course you’ve applied to.

Will the MMI questions be specific to my university?

Our MMI stations will be applicable to the majority of universities in the UK. For example, we’ll ask questions about medical ethics, roleplay scenarios, hot topics, motivation for medicine, as well as skills and qualities amongst others. For university-specific preparation, please book our one-to-one mock interviews.

Are the MMI interview circuits in-person or online?

We offer both in-person and virtual MMI interview circuits. In-person dates are more limited. Please select your desired date and location when booking.

Are the MMI circuits the same as the ones in the MedicHut interview course?

The MMI circuits are day 2 of the interview course. If you do not wish to attend the full course, the MMI circuits can also be booked individually.

Can I book more than one simulated MMI circuit?

Our virtual October and November MMI interview circuits all have the same stations. Our virtual December and January MMI circuits all have different stations. Our in-person stations are all different to both October/November and December/January circuits. So, overall, you may participate in 3 completely different MMI interview circuits should you wish.

Can I get a bursary?

We currently offer bursaries for our live courses and our MMI circuits. We don’t have any bursaries at the moment for one-to-one support. Please see our bursary page for more details.

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