Medicine Personal Statement Course

Complete your first draft with expert guidance on how to write a medicine personal statement in a single day by joining our Personal Statement Course. Benefit from:

Small classroom sizes for a unique learning experience.

Learn a holistic approach to the medicine personal statement with countless examples.

Analyse examples to improve your understanding.

Learn how to turn a “good” sentence into an “excellent” sentence.

We often see a medicine personal statement structure such as “Introduction → Work experience → Voluntary work → Hobbies → Conclusion” and we couldn’t disagree with this formatting more! In this full-day course, we dispel all misconceptions about medicine personal statements.

Join us during this interactive workshop which covers the following 6-stage approach to writing and structuring a successful medicine personal statement:

1. Brainstorming

  • Brainstorming and reflecting on medicine-related experiences.
  • Drawing links between experiences and attributes of doctors.
  • Comparing to personal attributes and excellent examples to demonstrate these.
  • How to select the best examples to demonstrate your attributes
  • Summarising experiences using our “PREE” method.

2. Body Paragraphs

  • Using examples, learn how to best position your individual ideas and experiences using our “PREE” method.
  • How to cut down based on similarities in attributes between the experiences

3. Introduction

  • How to lure in your reader with a captivating introduction based on your personal experiences.
  • Avoiding passive examples.
  • The structure of an excellent introduction.
  • Analysis of examples – learn to differentiate between good and bad introductions.

4. Conclusion

  • Learn to leave a lasting impression on the reader
  • Analyse examples
  • Reflect on your experiences using your limited word count.

5. Improve your writing

  • Differentiate between descriptive writing, which is commonly used, and reflecting writing, which will make your personal statement stand out.
  • Turn “weak” language into “strong” language.
  • Vocabulary and terms to avoid.
  • Buzzwords to include.
  • Challenge yourself

6. Cutting Down

  • Understand the key ideas to include in each sentence.
  • Analyse examples to learn ways to shorten sentences
  • Learn which details students always include that don’t need to be included!

Personal Statement Ebook – £14.99

We believe this is the number one medicine personal statement planner out there!

  • Innovative. Guides you step-by-step on how to write your personal statement from scratch
  • Easy to follow.
  • Quality content – much that you haven’t heard before!
  • Absolute value for money! 52 pages jam-packed with everything you need to know.

This is the perfect companion to have while writing your personal statement. This unique personal statement planner will guide you step-by-step to develop a perfectly formatted, well-written personal statement, from a simple list of all of your attributes and experiences. There are lots of tips and advice throughout, alongside examples of what to do and what not to do.

We tackle common misconceptions about personal statements, such as incorrect structuring methods, and the interchangeable use of “skills” and “qualities”. This planner highlights key concepts to discuss throughout your personal statement, and which common errors students make in their content. These methods have been used by hundreds of students who we have helped secure their places in medical school, and we are certain that this will help you, too! 

£14 .99

Personal Statement Review

48-hour turnaround time

Personalised feedback

Practical advice

Examples for improvement

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of students write excellent medicine personal statements to help them secure their places in medical school. Our editing team consists of medical students who are well-versed in personal statements and have been helping students since their own application days!

We conduct the following checks:

  • Proof-read for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Dispel common misconceptions
  • Perfect the structure and flow
  • Ensure excellent quality of the writing
  • Make each section more compelling
  • Improve the content by evaluating the points mentioned. Strongest points should be emphasised and weakest points will be highlighted so removal can be considered
  • Add insight to basic statements to make them more powerful and enticing
  • Help you show off your work experiences, extracurricular activities and voluntary work in an insightful way – what did you gain from each activity that you listed and how does this apply to the life of a doctor?

Although we will not write your personal statement for you, we will be sure to add constructive feedback to help you make a fantastic final product.

We recommend attending our Live Personal Statement Course prior to the editing service, as it will help you formulate the best possible draft prior to having it checked over.

The turnaround time for this service is about 2 business days. Simply purchase using the button below, and email your personal statement to [email protected] alongside your proof of purchase.

Personal Statement Tutoring

From £30/hour

Do you need a hand with your medical personal statement? The great news is that MedicHut has personal statement tutors that can help you every step of the way – whether you’re just starting off, or stuck somewhere in the middle, or just want a bit of time to discuss your finished product. Our methods have proven successful for medical school applications all over the country, including Oxbridge. Wherever you’re applying, we’re here to help!

Here are some scenarios to show what your tutor can help you with:

You’re a GCSE student with a keen interest in medicine. You want to get a head start and would like to make a thorough plan of what you should do over the next couple of years to get ready. Your personal tutor will help you prepare the foundations of your personal statement. They will help you to secure good quality and quantity of work experience in clinical settings as well as discuss your personal extracurricular activities and how you can improve them for your medicine application. At this stage, you will not start writing your personal statement, but it’s the perfect time to speak to a tutor and ensure you’re highly prepared.

Your deadline is approaching but you have limited work experience, have never volunteered, don’t do any extracurricular activities, and you’re panicking! Your personal tutor will help you draw out your previous, seemingly mediocre experiences and form excellent content for your personal statement. You will also be given very practical tips on what you can do to get some quick experience that will be very beneficial for your personal statement. Further, your tutor will help you form your personal statement from start to finish and conduct edits and checks as required.

You’ve started your personal statement and it seems to be going well. You have a lot of ideas and need to narrow them down. You want someone to look over your list of experiences and help you decide which can form the best content for your personal statement.

When you already have an idea of how to form your personal statement, a MedicHut tutor will be extremely beneficial. They’ll teach you exactly how to draw out the most remarkable parts of your experiences, how to structure your paragraphs, and how to really sell yourself. They’ll also help you save a lot of time researching endlessly, and save you the trouble of potentially using the wrong advice. Our tutors have all of the expertise and experiences needed to write an excellent personal statement, with proven methods and strategies.

Sessions are all conducted via online platforms.

If you’re unsure if a personal tutor will be right for you, request a callback or email us to discuss your requirements.

1 Hour


per hour

10 Hours



per hour

20 Hours



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