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Do you need a hand with your medicine personal statement? The great news is that MedicHut offers medicine personal statement tutoring with tutors that can help you every step of the way – whether you’re just starting off, stuck somewhere in the middle, or just want a bit of time to discuss your finished personal statement. Our methods have proven successful for medical school applications all over the country, including Oxbridge. Wherever you’re applying for medicine, we’re here to help!

Here are some scenarios to show what your personal statement tutor can help you with:

GCSE students

You’re a GCSE student with a keen interest in medicine. You want to get a head start and would like to make a thorough plan of what you should do over the next couple of years to get ready. Your medicine personal statement tutor will help you prepare the foundations of your personal statement. They will help you to secure good quality and quantity of medical work experience in clinical settings as well as discuss your personal extracurricular activities and how you can improve them for your medical school application. At this stage, you will not start writing your medical school personal statement, but it’s the perfect time to speak to a personal statement tutor and ensure you’re highly prepared.

Applying to medicine this year and unsure where to start

Your medical school application deadline is approaching but you have limited medical work experience, have never volunteered, don’t do any extracurricular activities, and you’re panicking! Your medicine personal statement tutor will help you draw out your previous, seemingly mediocre experiences and form excellent content for your personal statement. You will also be given very practical tips on what you can do to get some quick experience that will be very beneficial for your personal statement and medical school application. Further, your personal statement tutor will help you form your personal statement from start to finish and conduct edits and checks as required.

You have already started your personal statement

You’ve started your personal statement and it seems to be going well. You have a lot of ideas and need to narrow them down. You want someone to look over your list of experiences and help you decide which can form the best content for your personal statement for medical school.

When you already have an idea of how to form your personal statement, a MedicHut personal statement tutor will be extremely beneficial. They’ll teach you exactly how to draw out the most remarkable parts of your experiences, how to structure your paragraphs, and how to really sell yourself. They’ll also help you save a lot of time researching endlessly, and save you the trouble of potentially using the wrong advice. Our tutors have all of the expertise and experiences needed to write an excellent medicine personal statement, with proven methods and strategies.

Sessions are all conducted via online platforms.

If you’re unsure if a personal statement tutor will be right for you, request a callback or email us to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule personal statement tutoring once booked?

Please ensure you use your WhatsApp contact number on booking. You can contact us on WhatsApp at +44 7851 862356 with your booking confirmation, or you can wait for us to contact you on WhatsApp to schedule tuition.

Where are the tuition sessions held?

Medicine personal statement tutoring sessions are held virtually, via Zoom, Teams, or Google Meets.

Can my tutor help write my personal statement?

Your tutor will support you to write and perfect your personal statement for you medical school application. Your personal statement tutor cannot write your personal statement for you.

Can I split the cost of payments for medicine personal statement tutoring?

If you’d like to split the cost of payment, you can do so over a period of 2, 3, or 4 months. If you’d like to register for this, simply select your desired payment plan under ‘Payment’ when booking. This will charge you for the first instalment, and all future instalments will go out of your account automatically on the same day each month until the balance is settled. For example, if purchasing 10 hours over 2 monthly instalments, you’ll pay £175 up front, then will be charged another £175 one month later.

This is not a finance option, and as such, there aren’t prerequisites for approval. However, you would be under contract to complete your payments and be liable for any unpaid services, which you can find more information about in our terms and conditions.

Please note that when you’re splitting the cost of payments, you’re limited to a maximum number of tuition hours per month. For example, if you’re splitting the cost of 40 hours of tuition over 4 months, you can use up to 10 hours per month of tuition.

Can I get a bursary for personal statement tutoring?

We currently offer bursaries for our live courses and MMI circuits. We don’t have any bursaries at the moment for one-to-one support. Please see our bursary page for more details.

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