How do dentistry mock interviews work?

Familiarize yourself with the interview format and standards of your preferred university by participating in our 1-hour or 2-hour mock interviews conducted by our experienced dental tutors at MedicHut. Our interview experts have years of experience analyzing dental school interview questions and understand exactly what interviewers are looking for. Additionally, they possess comprehensive knowledge of the best techniques to answer interview questions, have firsthand experience as interviewers, and have completed numerous courses and books on communication skills and professionalism. Furthermore, they have also been interviewed, providing them with a unique perspective on the process.

No matter what format your dental school interviews take, it’s a good idea to do a one-on-one dentistry mock interview with an expert. Below are several benefits:

  • Specific to your university!
  • Have your verbal and non-verbal communication skills assessed
  • Exercise your nerves by being interrogated by a stranger (fun!)
  • Gain practice answering a variety of questions on the spot
  • Receive detailed written and verbal feedback and practical suggestions for improvement
  • Receive a video recording of the mock interview session to look back at

Dentistry mock interviews are currently only being held online. Please contact us via email or WhatsApp to arrange your mock interview date.

Average acceptance rate post-interview
MedicHut candidates’ average acceptance rate post-interview

What do we cover?

Our dental mock interviews typically cover a wide range of topics and scenarios depending on the curriculum of your chosen university. To help prepare candidates for various aspects of the interview process, our mock sessions include:

You may be tested on your understanding of the NHS and private dentistry, relevant concepts, procedures and terminologies of dentistry.

These are scenarios with ethical considerations commonly encountered in dental practice. You may be asked to discuss your approach, taking into account ethical principles of dentistry.

You may be asked behavioral questions to evaluate your communication skills, teamwork abilities, leadership qualities, and how you handle challenging situations amongst other attributes.

Role-playing exercises may be conducted to simulate interactions with patients, colleagues, or other healthcare professionals, allowing you to practice your interpersonal skills, empathy and professionalism.

You will receive feedback on your interview performance, including body language, tone of voice, and overall presentation, to help you improve your interview technique.

Why MedicHut’s Uni-Specific Mock?

We are committed to delivering the most realistic and up-to-date mock sessions from the 16 dental universities in the UK. MedicHut’s interviewers are dental students and experts in conducting interviews. Our interviewers are thoroughly screened and we only select the best. They’re then trained and provided with the best material, created by experts in the field.

We ensure that the mock questions accurately reflect the format, content, and difficulty level of the actual interview. Additionally, we cover topics relevant to your chosen university’s curriculum and provide practical written and verbal feedback. This ensures that students can gauge their preparedness accurately.


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What did our previous students think?

Great tutors, they helped me structure my answers and gave me mock interviews and the feedback was very helpful for my answers to improve they helped me get an offer from Newcastle University

Yousef, 2023 (via Trustpilot)

I received a 1-1 specific mock with Sofia, who was an incredible tutor and offered me lots of insightful advice and tips. She also provided me with some incredible feedback which I was able to scrutinise methodologically to establish my areas of weakness and I received an offer from Manchester:)

Aisha, 2022 (via Trustpilot)

I was initially stressed when it came to preparing for my interviews, but through practice, I got used to different techniques needed to answer each question. Practicing the MMI mock stations also really helped and the tuitions on top were a big help as well (thanks Sherjaz and Kaushiki)

Abubakr, 2021 (via Trustpilot)

Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible are dentistry mock interview sessions?

Create a personalized timetable with your tutor to fit around your schedule. Whether you want sessions every couple of weeks, or multiple times a week, MedicHut tutors can accommodate. 

Who will be my dentistry mock interviewer?

Your interviewer will be a dental student who has been through dental school interviews and received offers based on their interview competence. For university-specific dentistry mock interviews, your interviewer will either be a current attendee or someone who received an offer from your chosen university. They are also DBS-certified, professional, competent, and skilled at supporting dental school applicants. The content they use to teach you has years of experience, work, and excellence behind it.

What if I don’t like my interviewer?

You’ll have flexibility when it comes to choosing your tutor. We work with you to understand your complete requirements and select the most suitable tutor based on what you’ve told us. If for any reason you’re unhappy, we can assess your requirements further and match you with a more suitable tutor. There’s also a 100% refund policy on the first lesson if you’re unhappy and don’t wish to continue.

What improvement can I expect? 

Historically, our students have had a 96% acceptance rate into at least 1 dental school post-interview. They always say that practice makes perfect. Who better to practice with than a MedicHut-certified interview tutor? Improve your interview skills with one-to-one personalized support, and if you’re unhappy, we have a 100% refund policy on the first lesson.

How do I schedule my dentistry mock interview once I pay?

Please ensure you use your WhatsApp contact number on the booking. You can contact us on WhatsApp at +44 7851 862356 with your booking confirmation, or wait for us to contact you on WhatsApp.

Can I get a bursary?

We currently offer bursaries for our live courses and MMI circuits. We don’t have any bursaries at the moment for one-to-one support. Please see our bursary page for more details.

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