How to Prepare for the UCAT in 2024

The UCAT is undoubtedly one of the most stressful parts of the medicine and dentistry application process. MedicHut’s step-by-step strategy to succeed in the UCAT is formulated by top 1% scoring candidates. You can get full access to this UCAT revision strategy in MedicHut’s FREE UCAT Revision Timetable!

4-Step Process for UCAT Revision

The 4-step process outlined in further detail in our UCAT Revision Timetable is as follows:

  1. Planning UCAT preparation
  2. Learning UCAT strategies
  3. Practicing UCAT questions
  4. Intense UCAT practice and official mock exams

You can download the timetable completely free of charge using the button below. You’ll get immediate access to the UCAT Revision Planner pdf on checkout.

How to Use the UCAT Revision Timetable

To most effectively use our UCAT Revision Timetable, you need a minimum of 6 weeks dedicated to solid UCAT preparation. You should read through the brief guide, then fill in your proposed dates for each section of UCAT preparation. You’ll need to use either the pdf for annotation, or print out a copy of the timetable so you can have it handy. You’ll also need to use this alongside other resources for the UCAT, like our UCAT crash course or one-to-one UCAT tutoring. This is to ensure that you fully understand and are able to implement the strategies needed for each section of this difficult exam.

Student Reviews

I used MedicHut’s Masterclass Package and got a UCAT score of 2890, followed by 4 interviews which led to 2 offers and 2 waitlists. I had access to the personal statement, ucat and interview masterclasses as well as monthly support sessions to ask any questions. For UCAT prep, I used the tips given in all sections and then practiced using the Medify subscription in the package. The tutors explained really well and answered any questions. I received offers from Sheffield and Barts, and was put on waiting lists for Liverpool and Leicester. It was all really helpful, thank you so much for the support!

Foram Pandya, 2022

I bought the premium package with MedicHut and I couldn’t be more grateful for their service! With fantastic tutors guiding me through the whole process I achieved a score of 3310 and band 1. I received detailed feedback on my personal statement and received interviews from all 4 of my medical schools. With the help of my team of university-specific interview tutors and a fantastic interview masterclass and MMI mock, I went on to receive offers from all of my universities post-interview! MedicHut helped me through every step, helping me secure my offer at King’s college London, St George’s, Queen Mary’s and Bristol.

Maximillian Cascarini, 2022

‘MedicHut has got to be one of the best platforms out there for university application help. I achieved 3080 Band 1 and don’t think it would be possible without MedicHut. The UCAT sessions they did at my school were so helpful and I used their eBook and UCAT revision planner to guide my revision. Using MedicHut resources allowed me to break everything into small steps, and avoid getting overwhelmed. Their thought out planners and resources is what makes MedicHut stand out from other platforms. I’ve received an offer from my dream university, Kings College London, and would urge anyone who is applying to use MedicHut.’

Amaani Adam, 2022

What else does MedicHut offer?

Live UCAT Crash Course (2 days, virtual)

MedicHut’s two-day live UCAT course covers all of the key strategies you need to know for each section of the UCAT. Over 10 hours, your instructors will teach interactive lessons in small groups to ensure the best environment for learning. You’ll have plenty of practice questions throughout to test your understanding, and we ensure that no student is left behind. Our tutors are always on hand during the virtual course to answer any questions. Your learning is also supplemented by FREE access to our 500-page UCAT book.

Online UCAT Course (175 bitesized lessons, on demand videos)

MedicHut’s 15-hour online UCAT course consists of 175 bitesized, on demand video lessons. The lessons contain detailed explanations of strategies for each type of question in the UCAT, with examples to help you apply your learning. All of our content is created by top 1% scoring candidates. This course is ideal if you prefer to learn at your own pace and have ongoing access to the teaching content. You can view some of the video lessons completely free using the link above! Find the ‘preview’ buttons as you scroll down the page.

500-Page UCAT Book

Created by top 1% scorers, MedicHut’s UCAT book ‘Master the UCAT by the Top 1%’ helps 1000s of applicants succeed in the UCAT each year. It’s been an Amazon Best Seller each year since it first came out in 2020. It features detailed strategies for each section of the UCAT, over 500 practice questions, 5 mini-mocks and 1 full mock exam with worked out answers.

One-to-One UCAT Tutoring

Our UCAT tutors are all experienced in supporting applicants with the UCAT and achieved top 10% scores in their own testing cycles (with some having scored in the top 1-3%). Booking in one-to-one lessons with a UCAT tutor can help you to focus on strengthening your weakest areas and maximising your score for the UCAT. Everyone has their own learning style, and it’s important to work with your strengths to find the strategies that work best for you for each type of question you come across. Whether you’re looking for regular tailored support, or just wanting to fill in gaps where needed, a MedicHut UCAT tutor can guide you every step of the way.

Applying to medicine or dentistry in 2024? Check out our application packages which feature complete support for the UCAT, interviews and personal statement, as well as monthly Support & Progress meetings with our admissions experts. We help 1000s of applicants each year, and we’d love to help you, too!

Why MedicHut?

As UK’s #2 top tutor company (TrustPilot), MedicHut help 1000s of applicants each year with their medicine and dentistry applications. Our doctor-led organisation consists of admissions experts and over 100 medical student tutors from universities across the UK. Our UCAT content is created by top 1% scoring candidates, and our UCAT book has been a #1 Amazon Best Seller each year since its release! We have an incredible 96% admissions success rate with our live interview course as well as over 1200 real student reviews across our TrustPilot and Google profiles (4.9-star and 5.0-star respectively).

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