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Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of students write excellent personal statements to help them secure their places in medical school with our personal statement review service. Our expert editing team consists of medical students who are well-versed in personal statements and have been helping students since their own UCAS application days!

We conduct the following personal statement checks:

  • Proof-read for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Dispel common misconceptions
  • Perfect the structure and flow
  • Ensure excellent quality of the writing
  • Make each section more compelling
  • Improve the content by evaluating the points mentioned. Strongest points should be emphasised and weakest points will be highlighted so removal can be considered
  • Add insight to basic statements to make them more powerful and enticing
  • Help you show off your work experiences, extracurricular activities and voluntary work in an insightful way – what did you gain from each activity that you listed and how does this apply to the life of a doctor?

Although we will not write your medicine personal statement for you, our personal statement reviews will add constructive feedback to help you make a fantastic final product.

We recommend attending our Live Personal Statement Course prior to the editing service, as it will help you formulate the best possible draft prior to having it checked over.

The turnaround time for our personal statement review service is about 2 business days. Simply purchase using the button below, and email your personal statement to [email protected] alongside your proof of purchase.

Why Choose MedicHut?

Each year, we help tons of applicants just like you. This year, we’d love for you to join the many students who choose our personal statement review service. We provide comprehensive feedback that covers elements such as clarity, coherence, relevance, organization, grammar, and punctuation. In doing this, we seek to understand your background, experiences, motivations, and aspirations to help us offer tailored feedback that aligns with your narrative.

With our 48 hour turnaround, we ensure you get comprehensive feedback highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, constructive criticism, and help you maintain professionalism. Our review process aims to empower you to present your best self in your medical or dental school applications.


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Student Reviews

Aleeha and ikrah were extremely useful in helping me make my initial first draft and plan for my personal statement. they were probably the best people i needed for this time. i really appreciate all of their effort and kindness whilst giving the session. thank you! 🙂

Fizzy M, 2023

via Trustpilot

We used their UCAT prep, PS  review and individual interview prep – all tutors were flexible, professional, organised and really enthusiastic – great support for my daughter who now has 4 offers from Sheffield, Newcastle, HYMS & UEA. Highly recommend Medichut.

Emma, 2024

via Trustpilot

I received one-on-one, personalised help with my personal statement, which helped give me the confidence and reassurance I needed for every stage of the application. With MedicHut I have been able to secure three offers from my top choices, I cannot recommend it enough to others!

Sarah Quazi, 2023

via Trustpilot

Our Tutors

We have expert review tutors from universities across the UK. All of our reviewers are meticulously selected and provided with thorough training and content to offer their students lessons. You can view a small selection of our review tutor profiles below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get a personal statement review?

We offer a 48-hour turnaround service.

What do I do once I’ve paid?

Once paid, please send your personal statement alongside your booking confirmation to [email protected]. We’ll return it to you with feedback within 48 hours.

Can you help me cut down on word count?

Yes, absolutely. Do be wary of word count though. We offer a 60-90 minute review service, which will consist of over 1000 words of detailed, line-by-line feedback. If your personal statement is extremely lengthy, a lot more time may be spent helping you to cut down and this can take away from the more detailed feedback on what’s left over of the personal statement. So we do advise cutting down as much as you can before sending it through in order to benefit most from the review.

Can I get more than one personal statement review?

Yes, absolutely. You can book more than one review if you wish, or you can book one at a time and book additional reviews if you feel you need more support.

How is the feedback given?

Feedback is written as comments in your editable draft. A general comment for improvement, if needed will also be found at the end of the document.

Is the feedback tailored to my chosen university?

Yes, our reviewers consider the values, mission, and requirements of your chosen university. This would help you better showcase your fit for the school, potentially increasing your chances of acceptance.

Can I get a bursary?

We currently offer bursaries for our live courses and MMI circuits. We don’t have any bursaries at the moment for one-to-one support. Please see our bursary page for more details.

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