MMI & Medicine Interview Tutoring

Most prospective medical students have the aptitude to perform very well on written examinations, but when it comes to the medicine interview process, it’s very easy to succumb to the pressure.

Medicine interviews are not like written examinations. They test a range of your skills, including your ability to communicate well, to be confident and professional, and to deal with pressure. A personalised approach is the best way to prepare for your medical school interviews. There is no one-size-fits-all, so the best way to prepare is to utilise MedicHut’s medicine interview tutoring programme and work one-to-one with one of our expert medicine interview tutors. After assessing your strengths and weaknesses, your medicine interview tutor will help you to:

  • Devise model answers for all common and expected medicine interview questions.
  • Develop your weaknesses into strengths, and help your strengths to shine through.
  • Prepare for each university you’ve applied to by partaking in simulated interviews.
  • Perfect your communication skills, roleplay abilities, and knowledge of relevant concepts.

Become more competent, confident and knowledgeable

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Learn now, pay later, with up to 10 months of 0% interest payments. Apply within minutes.

Medical School Interview Tutoring


Sessions that are too long can be hard to retain, and because your personal medicine interview tutor will tailor sessions to your needs, you’re able to book them for an hour at a time, whenever you need.


Different universities have different interview processes. Learn the specifics about how to answer questions for each type of medicine interview you’ll be having.


A great knowledge base builds a great foundation to answer unexpected interview questions. Learn everything about current hot topics, ethics, and situational judgement questions.

Skills and Practice

Become an expert at data interpretation, communication skills, displaying professionalism, roleplaying, and answering all common medicine interview questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule medical interview tuition once I pay?

Please ensure you use your WhatsApp contact number on booking. You can contact us on WhatsApp at +44 7851 862356 with your booking confirmation, or wait for us to contact you on WhatsApp.

When can I start my medicine interview tutoring sessions?

We will usually pair you with a tutor within 2 days of your booking, and often on the same day. Once you’re paired, you can discuss your availability with your tutor on your designated WhatsApp group chat in order to schedule sessions.

How flexible is tuition?

Create a personalised medicine interview tutoring timetable with your tutor to fit around your schedule. Whether you want lessons every couple of weeks, or multiple times a week, MedicHut tutors are able to accommodate. 

Who will be my medicine interview tutor?

Our tutors are all medical or dental students. We have over 100 tutors from universities across the UK. You can request tutor(s) from the universities you have applied to. For example, you might book 20 hours of tuition and have 5 hours with each of 4 tutors, one specific to each of the universities you’ve applied to. This would be classified as university-specific tuition. You may also prefer just one or two tutors to support you with your general interview preparation. This may depend on which stage you’re at in your interview preparation. We advise starting with generalised support, then ensuring university-specific support once you’ve tackled general knowledge and skills. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and preferences.

What if I don’t like my medical interview tutor?

All of our tutors are highly skilled and trained to provide an excellent service. However, in the event that you’re unhappy with your tutor, simply let us know after your first session and we can change tutors for you. Everyone has their own learning style, and different tutors will have different teaching styles. If you feel your tutor’s teaching style doesn’t suit you, there’s nothing to worry about. We won’t deduct the hour if you ask to change tutors after one session.

Can I have my medicine interview tutoring sessions in-person?

The majority of our tuition is held virtually via Zoom, Google Meets, or Teams. It may be possible to arrange in-person tuition depending on your tutor’s availability.

What improvement can I expect from medicine interview tutoring sessions? 

Historically, our students have had a 96% acceptance rate into at least 1 medical school post-interview. They always say that practice makes perfect. Who better to practice with than a MedicHut-certified interview tutor? Improve your medicine and MMI interview skills with one-to-one personalised support, and if you’re unhappy, we have a 100% refund policy on the first lesson.

Can I get a bursary for medical interview tuition?

We currently offer bursaries for our live courses and MMI circuits. We don’t have any bursaries at the moment for one-to-one support. Please see our bursary page for more details.

Can I split the cost of tuition payments?

If you’d like to split the cost of payment, you can do so over a period of 2, 3, or 4 months. If you’d like to register for this, simply select your desired payment plan under ‘Payment’ when booking. This will charge you for the first instalment, and all future instalments will go out of your account automatically on the same day each month until the balance is settled. For example, if purchasing 10 hours over 2 monthly instalments, you’ll pay £175 up front, then will be charged another £175 one month later.

This is not a finance option, and as such, there aren’t prerequisites for approval. However, you would be under contract to complete your payments and be liable for any unpaid services, which you can find more information about in our terms and conditions.

Please note that when you’re splitting the cost of payments, you’re limited to a maximum number of tuition hours per month. For example, if you’re splitting the cost of 40 hours of tuition over 4 months, you can use up to 10 hours per month of tuition.

If you’d like to pay in instalments for up to 10 months, you can do so through our finance partner, Knoma. This involves a short online application form, and registering for finance with 0% interest. Your application will need to be approved based on the details you provide to Knoma. You can find more information here.

What’s your refund policy?

Please see our refund policy here.

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