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University of Nottingham Medical School Guide

Overview of the University of Nottingham Medical School

For over 50 years, the University of Nottingham has been offering its Medicine degree in partnership with hospitals in Nottingham and Derby. Students have the unique opportunity to explore various research areas alongside renowned experts in fields such as MRI, cancer research, and mental health technology. The Medical School, located in Queen’s Medical Centre, is one of the UK’s largest hospitals. It provides state-of-the-art clinical skills facilities, including dissection suites and teaching laboratories. The hospital’s convenient proximity to the University Park Campus allows for easy access, with Nottingham city centre just a short journey away.

Notably, the University of Nottingham considers both UCAT scores and GCSE performance when selecting candidates for interviews.

This holistic approach makes it an excellent choice for applicants with a strong academic background and a solid UCAT performance. Additionally, exceptional UCAT scores or outstanding academic achievements can compensate for relatively weaker aspects, making it an appealing option for candidates who excel in either category.

Academic Requirements

GCSE6 GCSEs at grade 7/A including Biology and Chemistry or Double Science Scoring System: – Grade 9 = 4 points – Grade 8 = 3 points – Grade 7 = 2 points – Grade 6 = 1 point
A-LevelAAA, with subject requirements in Biology and Chemistry A-Level Resit Policy: – A-Level resits considered if completed within the last 12 months – Minimum requirement of ABB with at least one A in Biology/Human Biology or Chemistry – AAA achievement required after resits
Scottish HighersAAAAB, with subject requirements in English Language, Maths, and the Sciences Advanced Highers must also be offered
Scottish AdvancedAA, with subject requirements in Biology and Chemistry
Scottish Highers must also be offered
IB36 points, with subject requirements in Biology and Chemistry
– 3 Higher Level subjects at grade 6
Bachelor’s Degree2:1 Honours degree in any discipline
(Graduates Only)Additional Requirement: – Must meet standard minimum A-level requirements unless achieved first-class honours in a degree with sufficient Biology and Chemistry – GCSE grade C/4 in English Language and Mathematics

Note: The GCSEs are scored for interview shortlisting using the mentioned scoring system, which assigns points based on the grades achieved.

Widening Participation

The University of Nottingham offers contextual offers for its five-year medicine courses (A100 and A10L). If applicants meet the criteria for contextual consideration and are successful at the interview stage, they will receive a contextual offer of AAB. This must include an A in either biology or chemistry, with the other subject no lower than a B. For International Baccalaureate (IB) applicants, the offer would be 35 points in total. Applicants must have scored 6,6,5 in Higher Level subjects, including a 6 in either biology or chemistry and the other subject no lower than HL 5. The IB scores exclude the core component.

The University of Nottingham also offers six-year foundation courses (A108 and A18L). These are a good option for those who do not meet the entry requirements for the five-year courses. These foundation courses are exclusively available to applicants who meet the contextual admissions criteria outlined above. The offer for the foundation courses is BBC.

Graduate Entry

The University of Nottingham utilizes the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) as part of its graduate selection process. GAMSAT helps identify individuals who possess the necessary cognitive abilities, attitudes, and professional behaviors required in the field of medicine. Applicants must complete the GAMSAT within two years prior to applying to the program. It is important to note that candidates can provide their previous GAMSAT results to Acer, the organization administering the test. The university does not penalize or view applicants less favorably for having multiple sets of GAMSAT results. Instead, this allows Nottingham to consider the applicant’s highest overall score, ensuring a fair evaluation process.

UCAT or BMAT for the University of Nottingham Medical School?

All applicants must sit the UCAT exam. The average UCAT in 2020 of applicants who were interviewed was 2741. 

University of Nottingham Medical School Ranking

Ranked 29th on the Complete University Guide medical school league table and 34th on the Guardian medical school league table.

Home Students and International Students

In 2020, the University of Nottingham offered a total of 206 places to Home/EU students and 25 places to international students.


The current fee status for home students at Nottingham Medical School is £9,250 per annum. International student fees for Nottingham Medical School are £28,700 per annum. Nottingham University offers funding support such as bursaries and scholarships for eligible students.

Course Structure

In the first year, students establish a strong foundation in medical sciences and professionalism. They begin by learning the fundamentals of medicine, including the basics of anatomy and physiology for systems like the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The second year builds upon the foundational knowledge and focuses on theme-based teaching. Students delve deeper into subjects such as pharmacology and gain a comprehensive understanding of anatomical aspects related to the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems.

The third year comprises two significant components. It starts with a supervised research project, which culminates in the award of the BmedSci degree. Following this, students enter the clinical phase, where they spend a compulsory week in primary care, developing essential skills for patient assessment.

In the final two years, students engage in rotations that span six-week periods in both primary and secondary care. These rotations aim to further enhance students’ professional knowledge, skills, and values. Additionally, students have the opportunity to pursue student-selected modules either abroad or within their home institution.

Interview Process

The MMI for Nottingham University comprises of 8 stations which are 5 minutes each. Check back here for more information we’ll be uploading regarding the MMI stations. 🙂

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