Published on September 19, 2023

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St George’s University of London Medical School Guide

Academic Requirements

AAA is needed at A-Level with subjects including Chemistry and Biology. Five subjects graded 6 (B) or above are needed including English Language, Maths, and Science.

An overall score of 36 is needed at IB.

If you are applying on the basis of Scottish Highers, you must meet the Highers, Advanced Highers and National 5 requirements below:

Highers: AAA including Chemistry and Biology

Advanced Highers: AA including Chemistry and Biology

Widening Participation

SGUL offers contextual offers based on a set criteria listed on their website. If the standard offer is AAA, a contextual offer will stand at ABB, though this can vary.  

Graduate Entry

SGUL offers one of the UK’s biggest graduate medicine course of four years. Applicants meeting the entry criteria are ranked based on their GAMSAT scores. A specific number of interviews are conducted each year, and interview places are allocated to applicants with the highest GAMSAT scores until filled. If multiple applicants achieve the same GAMSAT score, the university may adjust the number of interviews to accommodate all eligible candidates. Invited applicants attend a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) stage, and their MMI scores are ranked. The highest-performing applicants in each group receive offers to study Medicine MBBS (graduate entry) at the university. Personal statements are not formally assessed and do not influence interview invitations.


St. George’s is a UCAT university and in order to progress to the interview stage, it is critical you get above the UCAT cut-off which varies slightly each year. For the 5-year course, the UCAT cut-off was 2620 in 2023 for non-graduates and 2690 for graduates.

St George’s Medical School Ranking

Ranked 28th on the Complete University Guide medical school league table and 35th on the Guardian medical school league table.

Home Students and International Students

There are no main differences in terms of international requirements. See the SGUL website to see what qualifications are accepted from different countries.

In 2022/23, there were 168 home enrollers, of which 56 were deferred from the last admissions cycle. There were 20 overseas enrollers, of which 2 were deferred.


As of the academic year 2022/23, the tuition fees for the Medicine MBBS5 course at St. George’s University of London are as follows:

Home Students: £9,250 per year

International Students: £38,500 per year

Course Structure

St George’s has a spiral curriculum. The first two years are pre-clinical. Despite this, you still have some clinical exposure: two weeks in first year, and then four weeks in second year. This is called your EYCE – Early Years Clinical Exposure. The next three years are more clinically orientated. In third year, you will be alternating between placement and PBL. You will spend five weeks on each block and this will continue till exam period. Fourth and fifth year are primarily placement.

Anatomy teaching at St. Georges starts in first year, with weekly sessions to our dissecting room. You’ll be exposed to cadavers and cadaveric models from the get-go, and this will accompany your online anatomy lectures. If you truly love anatomy, you have the opportunity to apply to be an anatomy tutor from third year – helping younger year students understand anatomy in the DR.

Interview Process

SGUL does MMI interviews with around 8 stations lasting around 5 minutes each.

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