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Due to this fantastic experience I got 4/4 offers from Cambridge University (Downing College), UCL, Kings College London and Queen Mary. I would thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to apply to medical school to use MedicHut!”


Live BMAT Masterclass ​

8 hours

Proven Strategies

Created by the top 10%

Why MedicHut’s BMAT Masterclass?

With our experienced tutors, we will go through all the most efficient and proven strategies for success in the BMAT. Jam-packed in a single day, you’ll be provided with all of the essential tools necessary to begin your BMAT journey. You won’t need to fish around looking for the most effective methods of improving your score – we have it all here. We’ve compiled strategies from top-scoring BMAT candidates and also gone through everything from alternative top BMAT resources to ensure that we cover absolutely everything that you need to know.


09:00 – 09:15 – Introduction
09:15 – 11:00 – Section 1
11:00 – 11:10 – Snack Break
11:10 – 13:00 – Section 1 continued
13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 – Section 2
15:00 – 15:10 – Snack Break
15:10 – 15:45 – Section 2 continued
15:45 – 17:00 – Section 3

Section 1

Many students feel that section 1 cannot be prepared for. However, during our masterclass, we’ll help you tackle the most common and the most difficult questions from both domains: problem solving and critical thinking. You’ll feel much more confident going into your BMAT preparation given the skills, techniques, and resources from this masterclass.

Section 2

In this section, we’ll cover the most relevant topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics that you must understand in order to score well in the BMAT. Our tutors will provide practise questions and build your confidence by helping you work through them.

Section 3

Is it really possible to get better at essay writing in such a short period of time? The short answer is, yes! For this task, we’ll help you understand how to best select a question suitable for you, the importance of planning and structuring your essay, and how to write a compelling essay. We’ll cover examples and you’ll be given the opportunity to write your own essay using the methods taught.


The BMAT requires a lot of preparation, and having a tutor for ongoing support is not only necessary when getting stuck on difficult concepts and questions. Our experienced tutors have scored in the top 10% on the BMAT and are able to provide you with all of the support and guidance that you may not even know you need! Having a BMAT personal tutor can make all of the difference, helping you to truly unlock your potential. Your tutor can:

£35 per hour
£30 per hour
£27 per hour

Essay Marking

Our feedback will never be generic or unhelpful. If, for any reason, you’re unsatisfied with the quality of the feedback given, we’ll go through it again for you – no questions asked.


BMAT Video Series

If you prefer learning at your own pace, our video series is for you. With over 9 hours of content, we cover everything you need to know about the BMAT in bite-sized lessons. You get access for the whole season, until the last day of BMAT! Learn practical methods of improving your speed, strategies and score, with content created by top 10% scoring candidates. Alternatively, access some of our free videos below.

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£ 79
  • Live BMAT Masterclass
  • 1x Essay Marking
  • Tuition

BMAT Standard

£ 99
  • Live BMAT Masterclass ​
  • 1x Essay Marking
  • Tuition

BMAT Premium

£ 299
  • Live BMAT Masterclass
  • 4x Essay Marking
  • 5 hours of Any Tuition


£ 549
  • 10 Hours of Any Tuition (Regular: £300)
  • Live BMAT Masterclass
  • Live UCAT Masterclass
  • Live Interview
  • Live Personal Statement
  • UCAT Ebook
  • Personal Statement
  • 1 Hour Mock Interview
  • Personal Statement
  • Support throughout full
  • Medify 2 Month UCAT Pass

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