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A complete, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow guide. Learn all the tips and tricks necessary for scoring 800+ in every section of the UCAT. Written by students who scored in the top 1%, this book contains a number of gems that will help you maximise your score. For each section of the UCAT, you’ll find that each strategy is explained in simple terms, using relevant examples. There are hundreds of practice questions throughout, and each practice question has its answer explained in-depth to help your learning. There are over 500 practice questions, including a complete mock exam that you can practice under exam conditions.

19 reviews for Master the UCAT Ebook

  1. Swetha

    I was getting low scores on VR. But once I got this e-book., my performance have been drastically improved. I would totally recommend this e-book to any who is struggling with the VR section.

  2. Becky

    Absolutely amazing
    Amazing, useful, beneficial and very helpful

  3. L

    It’s great, really detailed and clearly a lot of work put into it. A very valuable resource, thank you!

  4. Imaan

    Super useful and so good!

  5. Harleen Kaur

    An amazing resource! Interesting, clear and easy to understand! Thank you

  6. Esha

    Really helpful
    Beneficial, detailed and a great resource 🙂

  7. Lola

    I have found this really useful for my UCAT preparation and have already seen my score improve.

  8. Caitlin

    Brilliant. Since using I have seen an instant improvement! Would definitely recommend.

  9. Kelvin

    Excellent resource
    Very comprehensive and straight to the point , blacked up with practise questions !

  10. Lulu

    Great resource
    Brilliant resource helping me vastly improve my VR score from 530 to 670 after one day!

  11. Sama

    All the information was concise and a very good walk through of how to deal with different types of questions. Ended with 11 practise passages which mimics the section in the actual exam accurately and therefore extremely useful. Thank you! 100% would recommend

  12. Melody

    If I have three thumbs I will give this e-book 3 thumbs up, but the cruel world doesn’t let me😂
    I’ve read the VR, QR and SJT sections of the e-book. Honestly this e-book is by far the most useful and organized ucat booklet I’ve ever read. It’s also easy to understand so applicable to anyone. 100% recommended for everyone who’s taking the UCAT, you will not regret it! Thanks Medichut team’s effort into the creation of the ebook 🙂 It’s also so affordable comparing to other books I’ve purchased, but the quality is top-notch!

  13. Alisha

    The Most Helpful Resource Out There!
    This book is an absolute lifesaver in such a stressful point of our lives, and just by reading through one of the sections, I was filled with confidence that I was able to do well in each one. The questions included in each section is also very useful, especially with the clear explanation given after it. The advice and tips are so helpful, and for someone like me who loves quick shortcuts and easy to understand mechanisms to go about answering the questions, this book is one which I definitely recommend. I feel that the way it was carefully written and the sheer amount of effort put into it, definitely showed. It is well worth the buy! Thank you for publishing it. 🙂

  14. Oluchi

    I find verbal reasoning more difficult than the other sections but this helped me improve my score vastly by going through great strategies and tips that are making a huge difference!

  15. Martin

    Incredible book
    This eBook, as with everything else MedicHut do, is amazing. It is so through, clear and laid out really well to make it easy to follow. Highly recommend this to get along with the class!

  16. Asha

    The techniques that this ebook gives are so useful and the detail is amazing! Definitely recommend!!! :))

  17. Anonymous

    100% recommend
    The e book has amazing advice and unique tips on improving your technique in the verbal reasoning section. The tips have helped me to improve my score for the VR section drastically.

  18. Harry

    Worth the Wait
    I pre-ordered this and, although, it was marginally late in being released, it was certainly worth the wait. Customer service was very helpful and I used every single section meticulously for the exam and, in the exam, got well over what I wanted/needed so definitely would recommend this…

  19. Anon

    The ebook goes into a lot of detail about which techniques to use for each question time as well as key examples. I started to see my score improve a lot after practicing with the techniques. Definitely more than worth your money.

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